In today’s world, it’s a difficult challenge to get people to worry about a UN world government. In our seventh episode of Matter of Action, a series in which a new episode is available Monday in the member section of, Wayne Morrow discusses with Art Thompson the battles against the United Nations and what we can do to stop it. Many today try to portray the United Nations as a global organization working towards the goals of world peace and justice. However when you take a look at the United Nations Timeline of Abuse, we see the true purpose, which is to build a world government at the expense of liberty and independence of its members.

The United Nations aims to have complete control and absolute power over the individual by stripping them of their freedoms. Lord Acton once famously said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Through Agenda 21/2030 and its attack on property rights, the UN Arms Trade Treaty and its attack on our right to keep and bear arms and many other UN attacks on our rights, the United Nations aims to have absolute power over the people. In our most recent Matter of Action video, Art Thompson suggests that if you were to read the book of Genesis, then you'd find an account of the building of a world government and what God does to prevent it.

Since Get US Out! of the United Nations is one our longest standing action projects, we have accumulated some very useful UN Action Tools. We have recently created a Top Ten Reasons To Get US Out! Of the UN Slim Jim where we discuss the ten reasons why we must get out of the UN as well as what actions must be taken to exit. We also provide a Top Ten Reasons To Get US Out! Of the UN Reprint which can be distributed to opinion molders to provide them with the background information showing why we need to withdraw from the United Nations. Lastly we can help preserve our national sovereignty by supporting the passing of H.R. 204 to Get US Out! Of the UN. With our premade message you can write to Congress and ask them to take the appropriate steps in getting us out. With your continued help we can get out and end the membership of the U.S. in the United Nations.