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Exclusive interview with Ron Holland With Anthony Wile / The Daily Bell - September 14, 2014

Ron Holland
Ron Holland
Daily Bell: Good to catch up with you, Ron, and thanks for making time to talk with us today. You recently lived through a signifiant, life-altering event. Care to tell our readers about it?

Ron Holland: It is sort of embarrassing, to say the least. About 30 years ago my ex-wife nagged me to go to the doctor for a check-up. Everything was fine except for high cholesterol and very high blood pressure. My solution was simply not to go to the doctor again for the next 30 years. This was not one of my better decisions, in retrospect.

My wife, Tami, saved my life in early August this year. After apparently spending at least the last two months with congestive heart failure that I self-diagnosed as a chest cold or walking pneumonia, Tami "forced" me to go to the emergency room while on vacation down in North Carolina. I was pissed, until the attending physician said, "Sir, you are in deep shit." With less than 10% of my heart functioning and kidneys failing, he told me, "You probably wouldn't have lasted two days." You know he got my attention.

Yes, I had felt a little under the weather in recent months with a constant cough and shortness of breath, but I'd moderated sessions and danced the night away at FreedomFest in Las Vegas, hiked somewhat breathlessly through Tuscan mountain villages, spent time with wonderful daughters and grandkids in Toronto and Chapel Hill and joined Heidi, my 17-year-old, high in the Swiss Alps looking for a seminar location.

Anyway, guys, if you have a smart wife I would suggest maybe listening more to her. I must thank Tami for the "kick ass, take control moment." Now I'm at home and starting to write again around my long walks, blood pressure medications and generally healthy eating habits.

Daily Bell: Well, we're grateful to Tami, too! How has it changed your life, so far, in just this short time since you were hospitalized? What's come of it for you personally?

Ron Holland: First, I've always been a very thankful person and appreciative for the wonderful life I've had to date. Now, some of it has been hard work and good choices but a lot of it has been timing and blind luck. I grew up in a very rural farming community and I ended up in the securities business before I went to university, thinking I was applying to be a bank security guard but it turned out to be working in a securities section of a large bank trust department. So majoring in banking and finance at university rather than becoming a forest ranger as I planned was luck and ignorance at the time.

I believe time is precious and we should fight and write to advance freedom and liberty while we have the God-given opportunity. Therefore, I decided that, should I have the chance to write and express my views again, I would say exactly what I believe and to hell with the consequences.

No more nice guy, moderate drivel about the dollar and what was our country but rather the truth about those powerful evil interests who run politics, the financial system and the Western world as well as real history, current events, finance and the dollar. Note, this is not about who is the president, a specific political party, right/left, libertarian/conservative or free-market vs. socialist. These ideas are how those who rule over us make wars and steal global resources as well as our wealth and freedoms, about how we peacefully defend our wealth, liberties and properties from those who have divided and conquered us.

Daily Bell: Yesterday was the anniversary of 9/11. Now, 13 years later, where are we? What has been the lasting impact of the crimes of 9/11 and what do you think is the most valuable thing we've lost as a result?

Ron Holland: Well, first of all, Osama Bin Laden (formerly on the CIA payroll), if he were alive today rather than probably having died of renal failure a few years after 9/11, could certainly claim victory. Although I don't think this guy hiding in a cave in Afghanistan had anything to do with the attack, he was happy to be crowned by our intelligence services as the mastermind of the attack because it made him a hero in the Arab world. He was certainly an enemy of America and, like many ex-employees in the private sector, he was out for vengeance. His goal was to break America financially and destroy our freedoms with a police state and both goals were accomplished thanks to the attack.

The most valuable things Americans lost were our personal and financial freedoms, willingly given up due to the terrorist attack. The lasting impact is that the US is now in permanent war and occupation in the Middle East controlling oil and pipelines. ...

Source The whole interview see The Daily Bell
Ron´s book "Restoring Our American Legacy - A politically incorrect guide to building wealth, security and effective political action in the 21st century" can be downloaded free of charge.

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