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„Ich glaube, wir leben heute in einer ganz anderen Welt. Wir sollten keine Nationen anderswo aufbauen. Es hat sich gezeigt, dass das nicht funktioniert. Wir sind heute ein anderes Land als früher. Wir haben 19 Billionen Dollar Schulden. Wir sitzen wahrscheinlich auf einer Blase. Und wenn diese Blase platzt, wird das sehr hässlich sein. Ich glaube, wir müssen unser eigenes Land aufbauen. Ich habe gesehen, wie wir Schulen im Irak aufgebaut haben, und sie wurden in die Luft gesprengt. Wir haben die nächste Schule gebaut, und sie wurde in die Luft gesprengt. Wir bauen sie dreimal auf, und gleichzeitig sind wir nicht in der Lage, eine Schule in Brooklyn zu bauen. Und das ist der Punkt, an dem wir sagen müssen: Hey, sollten wir uns nicht um uns selbst kümmern?“ -- Donald Trump
Libertarians flocked to it “because of the potential that Bitcoin offered, as a decentralized form of money.”
That is now over.

Today we are going to take a trip down memory lane and rewind back to the year 2012 – the year in which I discovered Bitcoin and registered an account on the now famous Bitcoin Talk public forums.

This was truly the wild west of the Bitcoin era, when almost no one knew what Bitcoin was, nor did they even remotely care to know. It was a scoffed at idea when mentioned to others, and members on the public forums would openly talk about how often they were laughed at by family members and others within their circle for even remotely thinking about the idea. It was a “scam” through and through and was not going to last.

Despite this extreme negativity, this small community continued to grow. Libertarians flocked to its banner, because of the potential that Bitcoin offered, as a decentralized form of money. Bitcoin was for the community, maintained by the community and was the community.

Community was a key word. It was a word that was paramount to the success of Bitcoin. Without it, we wouldn’t see the staggering numbers we see today. This push ever onward by the community is why Bitcoin was able to get its footing and build the foundation it vitally needed to survive and prosper.

Businesses popped up and flourished within this community. Bitcoin-only shops catered to those within and services became readily available. People sold precious metals, cookies, and there was even an eBay-style website for Bitcoin-only transactions. Bitcoin was known as a near-free-to-use “currency”, as transaction fees were almost non-existent and hyper-fast.

Now, sadly, let us fast forward to the state of the community today. Bitcoin Talk still has a community of sorts, but long forgotten is the idea of helping one another and creating its own ecosystem. For years now, holding has become the only valid idea. Barely anyone supports each other in a meaningful way and the once-flourishing ecosystem has all but eroded away.

Transaction fees have ballooned to upwards of $20.00 per order, making it almost impossible for any small business to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. Traditional credit cards, or other forms of payments have once again stolen back their crowns.

Just recently, Steam, the largest online gaming platform and seller of video games, summed up exactly what I am talking about in a recent press release . They stated that it simply doesn’t make sense to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment any longer, given its extreme volatility and cost to transact in: ...

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Baby Frog: How do you know? Mama Frog: Well, who ever heard of Kentucky Fried Frog?
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Why are frogs so happy? They eat whatever bugs them!

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