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"Ich mag verdammen, was du sagst, aber ich werde mein Leben dafür einsetzen, dass du es sagen darfst."
-- François-Marie Arouet alias Voltaire

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche made this presentation to the "One Belt, One Road" Conference in Beijing, Sept. 5, 2014.

The New Silk Road, as it was proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping one year ago, and as it has developed momentum through the BRICS Summit in July in Brazil, followed by the BRICS-Latin American Heads of State Summit the next day, has already changed the world. As a result of this New Silk Road dynamic, numerous large projects have been agreed upon throughout the world, for example, the second Panama Canal through Nicaragua, a transcontinental railway from Brazil to Peru, and numerous nuclear cooperation agreements among various countries.

There is a sudden explosion of optimism, where countries dare to assert their sovereignty, and start realizing projects which have been on the shelf for decades, but which were discouraged before by the conditionalities of international financial institutions, even coming from countries which are not yet formally part of the BRICS [Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa] or the Silk Road, such as, for example, Egypt, which has unleashed a spectacular program of national economic buildup; or Argentina, which has courageously resisted an attempted assault by the vulture funds.

There is a completely new, culturally optimistic sense of identity of the larger part of mankind, based on the idea that mankind, as the only known creative species, can think and do things it has never done before. There's also the beginning of a new financial architecture, such as the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, the New Development Bank, and a fund to defend countries against speculative attacks.[1] Chinese experts stress that those new banks are not to replace the IMF, World Bank, or Asian Development Bank, but that they are complementary. ...
... The New Silk Road means a shift away from geopolitical interests of nations and groups of nations, and focuses on the common aims of mankind. It focuses on the question, not what is my advantage in this or that region, but where will mankind be in 100 years from now, or even in 10,000 years from now? The New Silk Road will become a World Land-Bridge, uniting and connecting all nations and cultures into one, one humankind. It will be, as President Xi Jinping said, inclusive for all humanity and it will bring forth the true identity of mankind, as the creative species in the universe.

Source L.H. LaRoche´s EIR - Executive Intelligence Review

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