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"If you are still using Google and FaceBook you deserve a kick in the ass. What are you, STOOPID??
You KNOW that SMART phones, Google, FaceBook and other digital crap is bad for you and you still use them?" discussion forum user

Content: Last Monday: French President Hollande Announced Anti-Russian Sanctions “Must End”; Wednesday: All-Purpose Al Qaeda/ISIS Terror Cell Already Under Surveillance by French Police Started Three-Day Terror Spree in Paris; NATO-Backed Geopolitical Motives Suspected; All Eyes on Hollande’s Role at Astana Conference on Ukraine; Greece Heads for Syriza Government After Jan. 25 Vote; Beware Wrecking Potential of Theodorakis’ River Party (To Potami); Anel Anti-Austerity Conservatives Emerge as Possible Coalition Partner for Syriza; Need Support Actions for Rev. Pinkney in Advance of Jan. 15 Sentencing

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Baby Frog: Mama, who is smarter- a chicken or a frog? Mama Frog: We are of course!!
Baby Frog: How do you know? Mama Frog: Well, who ever heard of Kentucky Fried Frog?
- - -
Why are frogs so happy? They eat whatever bugs them!

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