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"Man sollte eigentlich im Leben niemals die gleiche Dummheit zweimal machen, denn die Auswahl ist so groß."
-- Bertrand Russell

President Trump is beginning to find some room to act upon his actual intentions, having consolidated support in the Senate in the election, making impeachment essentially impossible, while the British Russiagate hoax is crumbling. In the past 24 hours, Trump struck two blows on the Empire, declaring that all US troops and State Department operatives are being pulled out of Syria, quickly, while also declaring that the US and Mexico will proceed with large-scale joint investment into job-creating programs in the poverty-stricken (and drug-infested) areas of southern Mexico and the Central American nations of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

On Syria, the President tweeted: "We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump presidency." His spokesperson confirmed that the pullout will proceed rapidly. According to the New York Times, some Pentagon officials have been fighting tooth and nail to stop him, or at least make it a phased withdrawal, but Trump wouldn't break. This happened on the same day that the "Astana Group" — Russia, Turkey, and Iran — came to an agreement with the Syrians and the UN to establish a Constitutional Committee to draft a Constitution for a new Syrian political structure. Trump has repeatedly stressed that he is not interested in "regime-change", in Syria or anywhere else. ...

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